Versace Home

After 35 years at the forefront of luxury fashion, Versace barely needs an introduction. The ever-iconic Italian fashion house is synonymous with a more-is-more philosophy when it comes to glamour and this sentiment is certainly not lost on its home collection. Its creations are designed by contemporary artists and crafted with Italian finesse, which has led the brand to become an international symbol of excellence. Its masterful fusion of modern design and classical motifs makes Versace Home the answer for those with an intolerance to ordinary interior design.


Considering the success of Versace today, the brand’s story began relatively recently in the late 1970s when the fashion house was founded by Gianni Versace. Like so many respected Italian brands, Versace was essentially founded as family firm with both Gianni’s younger sister, Donatella, and older brother, Santo, helping out in the business. After the founder’s tragic death in 1997, both siblings’ roles expanded dramatically as Donatella inherited the position of creative director and Santo took reign as CEO. Under their watchful gaze and guidance, the brand moved full throttle from fashion house to a fully-fledged lifestyle brand. Growing from strength to strength, Versace has expanded into fragrances, hotels, accessories and homeware, and now boasts around 100 boutique stores across the most fashionable cities in the world.