Jabra’s story begins with a man named C.F. Tietgen, a Danish industrial mogul who established the Great Northern Telegraph Company (GN) in 1869. Tietgen’s original idea was to capitalise on Denmark’s location to create telegraph lines connecting superpowers France and Great Britain with Russia and East Asia.

Over the next 100 years, GN expanded the reach of its telegraph operations, including opening the first telegraph connection from Northern Europe via Siberia to Japan and Hong Kong in 1872. By 1907, GN was one of the leading international telegraph companies. Its network consisted of 15,600 km of telegraph cables, which connected an advanced network in Northern Europe via Siberia, the most sophisticated network in East Asia.

In 1969, GN marked its 100-year anniversary by opening the Japanese-Russian (JASC) connection. With this expansion, the GN cable network now covered connections from North America via Siberia to Japan